Advanced training 1 - UiDemo.exe

Dear all

I have been breaking my head over this exercise for the past day, and I can’t get it to work. all values returning from Orchestrator are perceived as empty… they all return as System.Core.queue item.

Can somebody tell me what i’m doing wrong here?

Thank you!
KDJ (610.3 KB)

so what i think you are doing is taking the queueitem and then something like logging queueitem.tostring and it says uipath.core.queueitem?

if so then you just need to specify which bit of information from the queueitem you want to use/log, for example instead of queueitem.ToString, put queueitem(“CashIn”).tostring and that will return the CashIn value from the queueitem.

the queueitem itself contains multiple pieces of information depending on what you put in it, which is why it is very useful because you just pass the queueitem into your process layer and you have all of the information read to be extracted using the method above

If you want to get the specific Data of the Queue Item, you can use


thank you, this worked! Honestly, I couldn’t find this anywhere. Thank you!


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