Advanced RPA Development queries, please help

  1. What is the difference attended and unattended robot?. how to invoke from orchestrator ?

  2. How to invoke workflow based on user events, or trigger based on activity?.
    for example. when new record is created in data base or user click ‘button’ on the web/desktop , how to invoke a bot?

  3. in REFramework, i have to dynamically filter record using config.xlsx file instead of hard coding in workflow. For example, I have list of countries , which I would specify in config.xlsx, how to specify this array in config.xlsx row and manipuate inside REFramework?

  1. Attended robots are manually triggered and human interaction is required to finish the process by bot.

On the other side, unattended robot doesn’t require human interaction to complete the process and can be triggered from Orchestrator or scheduler.

  1. There are different types of events. Based on these events you can trigger the robot. Please check below link -

  1. You can create one Name/Value pair in the Settings tab.
    Name - CountriesList
    Value - Country1,Country2,Country3

In your workflow, read this CountriesList and split the values with comma. So you will be having an array of countries in your workflow.

Hope I clarified your questions. Please let me know if you still unclear with any of the explanations.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,


Still not clear on the relationship between 1 and 2, i mean attended versus unattended and user events. Appreciate, if you can explain with some example?

I have created countrylist in config.xlsx as below:
CountryList {“Chennai”,“Hyderabad”,“Bangalore”}

in my workflow ,I created variable in_CountryList with type ‘String ’, in assign activity when i get reference from config file, throwing error ‘string’ cannot be converted to String , I tried .ToArray() or .ToList(), still getting error, not sure how to fix this.

  1. Unattended robots without any human interaction.
  2. Attended robot requires human interaction.

For example:
Robot is running and waiting for some input from the user. Consider your robot has input dialog activity. In the middle of process, robot is waiting until the user enters some input. So to finish the process the human interaction is involved here.

Similarly, robot is waiting until some user event occurs (Click event on a file [mouse events] by a user) etc.,

  1. Please give value like below (no brackets or double quotes required) in Excel


string[] countriesList = countryList.Split(",") - it converts successfully countries into Array.

Thank you. I will try countrylist array as suggested and update later.

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Hi Karthik,

I tried , getting error as beow:

Option Strict On disallows implicit conversion from string to char

Hi @rathinp2009

So the output of in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString.Split(",") should be array of strings, System.string , what is the variable type are you using.

Whatever Values in_Config(“CountryList”).tostring has store in a string variable and perform the above operation and let us know if you are facing any issue

Hi Anil,

Below is the screenshot:

1.Config file

  1. variable declaration in workflow

  2. Assign activity

getting error on above.

HI @rathinp2009,

Are you sending the config variable for example where you have added all the values from excel to config variable that variable are you passing to this workflow.

Hi Anil,

yes, the requirement is to dynamically filter country based on values from config file. hence, I have created array with , delimiter in config.xlsx file,

in process.xaml, i want to compare my data table with array from config file, if country listed in variable is in data table, i include it for my next processing,otherwise i skip those countries and output as ‘business rule error’

Hi @rathinp2009
What i mean is if you print the value, in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString what is the output you are getting.

getting error cannot assign system.string to ststem.string if i give in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString

Hi @rathinp2009,

Yes that true right the value of in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString is a string and i think the variable you have assigned is system.string

Thats not possible becuause you cannot store string in array of string

Use write line and just print this value in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString

yes, how to covert a array variable declared in config.xlsx file into array inside my workflow?.

If you want to split you have to use this condition in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString.Split(",")

But i am asking what value is in in_config(“CountryList”) when you print this value

no method to convert to an array for example .ToArray()

Let me debug…

Sir please perform this operation in write line activity and just tell me what the output of that


And where is in_config argument in your workflow, can you show the argument from the argument section

Hi Anil,

in the debug, i see below output after writeline:

but when i assign in_Config(“CountryList1”).ToString to CountryList2 variable with type ‘String [ ]’ , getting error,

Hi @rathinp2009,

See how can you assign a string to a array of strings varibale

So good i am assuming you have concatenated “CountryList1 from Config file:” and your output for write line is Germany,Russia,Italy

Now use this expression

in_Config(“CountryList”).ToString.Split(",") and store the output in array of strings