Advanced RPA Developer Level 3 - Exam still failing with 0/100 after eight tries -- need help

This is my first post in the forums, and although I’ve read the posting rules, please let me know if it gets out of line for some reason.

This is about asking someone more experienced to take a look at my assignment “Calculate Client Security Hash” which I have submitted already 8 times with different possible enhancements but it is still failing to be approved. My code is attached here (2.7 MB) .

I’ve already checked that my work items are not reset (ie. they are now in complete status and with the corresponding hashcode as a comment), that both the values of my hash seeds (ClientID, ClientName and ClientCountry) and the produced hashcodes are ok ie. no extra spaces on them, just dashes separating the three seed elements etc. I’ve also checked that my hashcodes are the same as others who posted theirs as correct in Youtube videos so I’m confident that getting correct hashes is not the problem. I’ve also checked not be using any hardcoded values (I only have my selectors as non-variable strings as far as I notice).

But I still get failed 0/100 when I submit my code (I’ve also submitted it as video a couple of times).
If someone could take a look at it I’d be grateful. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @rqmerino
No worries, we are getting this sort of error many times in past two days…hope so there must not be any issue with the acme website…fine lets make it clear from our side and then will get the help from uipath on top of it…
So can i have a view, a screenshot of the final evaluation screen that you got once submitted…if possible
Cheers @rqmerino

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Hello @Palaniyappan,
First of all thanks for the support and interest!
And here is the main screen with all evaluations and then the screen with details from the last one of those. Unfortunately the second one doesn’t say much…

Hi @rqmerino

Can you make sure your emails for both the academy and acme site are the same?

Hey @nlee1131 thanks for coming in.
Well I use the same email/password to login in both the Academy and the ACME site.
I do have my company email under the “Email” field in my account in the Academy (see picture).
But, as instructed, I used on ACME site the same one ( I used to enroll in the Academy.

I had this same issue. For whatever reason UiPath will use the email you have listed in that field in the screenshot to try and login to ACME to check your assignment. If you login into ACME with ‘’ make sure it’s listed as your email in the Academy.

Hope this helps!

Hey @nlee1131

It did help! That was the problem… Now I got 100/100 and passed the exam.
Thank you very, very much for sharing your experience! Hope I can help you back in the future…

Now heading to assignment nr.2!

PS: I suggest the Academy to improve the response messages on non-technical issues. Very difficult to figure that out without proper indication. (And by the way, how did the evaluation robot knew I had ‘13 completed items’ if it wasn’t logging in correctly in my ACME account?) Well, let’s go ahead…


Glad you passed. Good luck on assignment 2!

If you don’t mind, give this post a vote to try and push the UiPath team towards better feedback. Thanks.