Advanced level developer - Assignment 1

Hello Team ,

Somehow I am not able to pull the data from Orchestrator and config.xls file to login to the acme sytem .
could anyone of you help me in simple language


You are passing either empty or incorrect url to the Open Browser Activity. Make sure the config object is initialized and read the value of URL from config object.
You workflow is failing before opening the browser.
Please check.

Hello Karthik ,

I have attached screenshot from config file , orchstrator and uipath .Could you tell me where i have done the mistake .

In Open Browser Activity, what is the value you are passing in URL ?

I have used the in argument “System1URL”, and left the default value empty

You have to assign the value from the config object,
e.g, System1URL = Config(“System1URL”).ToString

@kavsanu Remove hyperlink from excel as i can see it’s in blue color.

So right click on the link and click on remove hyperlink and save your excel file.

When i set the default value in the argument to config(System1URL").Tostring , I get an error saying config is not declared . however i have created a variable config


I did that Rashmi . Thank you

Is it working now ?

Pass the System1URL from Invoke Workflow Activity.
Assign System1URL as I told before.

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finally i did it as you told … thank so much Karthik and Rashmi

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Cool, So mark it as solution and close the thread

Thanks :slight_smile: