Advanced Level Assignment2 - Activity is not clicking on 'Next Page' and Data Scraping is not processed


I am currently working on the Dispatcher part of Assignment 2 (Adv Level) and stuck in the step where the workflow needs to click on the Next Page and scrape the screen for data. I have done the below before posting it here:

  1. Followed the walk-through document and implement it as per my knowledge
  2. Tried solutions discussed in the forums on related topics
  3. De-bugged the flow and my initial deduction is I have missed something in ‘Element Exist’, ‘On Click’ and ‘On Element Appear’ (tried many times)
    Summary: Navigates to ‘Work-Items’ page and logs out.
    Could someone please help me figure out where I am making a mistake? I have attached my workflow here. (1.3 MB)