Advanced Level 3 Assignment 1, only able to loop 5 to 6 items in a row

hi guys, i have a question on the client security hashing assignment, my problem is that when i run my program, i can only get hash and set hash for 3 to 6 work items, most of the time when it faults is when the program is unable to pick up the “hash” button after that said number of times it had looped. initially i thought maybe the webpage cannot handle the fast paced looping, so i tried to set WaitForReady to COMPLETE and/or use delay for the webpage to load. however, the problem still persists.

here is my selector for my hash button

update: sometimes the system went past the clicking hash button activity thinking it has already done the clicking and was trying to to get hash text, even though the button wasn’t clicked at all. that result in a fault

@MythicGold Was the simulate Click Option Enabled?

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