Advanced Learning Assignment 1 0/100

Hi all,
I am working on Advanced Learning Assignment 1 in the Academy. I uploaded my project for evaluation, but I get 0/100. Hoping someone could help me figure out why it’s failing. It works fine for me on my own machine. I’m not sure it even gets to the point of generating the hash because the Work Items are not updated in System1 after the grading is complete.

screenshot of the SHA1 page:

Thanks in advance

Make sure you don’t reset your dataset before uploading your assignment

@kirbyb make sure your academy login email and ACME System 1 Login email should be same

Thanks @Theepan. My email address for the Academy is the same as System1. My login to the academy is not my email address though. Should that matter?

Thansk @tdhaene. I think for one upload I reset before and one upload I forgot to reset. I thought the assessment would run through from the beginning with fresh data. Is that not the case?


It is not a matter. But both should be the same email.

Once you upload your assignment don’t reset the ACME System 1 until you get evaluated. However, you can browse to Workitems and verify that WI5 data type should be set to completed.(If your program performed ok)

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Thank you very much for your help @Theepan. I thought the assessment was going to execute your project so you needed to reset the test data before you uploaded.

I ran my project, and uploaded for evaluation (without resetting the test data) and that worked.

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