Advanced Document Understanding part 3.1 - Extraction with AI Fabric and ML Extractor

A new video on the Advanced Document Understanding series addressing the Data Extraction is now published and ready for the community.

The data extraction part is broken down into multiple subparts because it is an extensive topic that includes different extraction methods.
In this segment of the Data Extraction video (Part 3.1), the below topics are covered:

  • Use of AI Fabric
  • Creating retrainable AI models for Invoices, Purchase Orders & Utility Bills using Out-of-the-Box AI Models available in AI Fabric
  • Use of Machine Learning Extractor
  • Connecting ML models in AI Fabric with Machine Learning Extractor
  • Parallel data extraction from different classifiers

Stay tuned for the remaining videos on other extractors :slight_smile:

Note: links and working solution is also available in the video description