Advanced Course 1st Training - REF version to use for day to day

Hi, following the developer courses and just started advanced.

I am confused about versioning on REF from github vs using the one in Studio. My question is what is “best practise” i.e. when working on real projects?

For practise 1 on the 1st Lesson in advanced I tried two things:

  1. Download the project from github and use that
  2. Start New REF Project within Studio

The github approach threw loads (24) of warnings when loading dependencies, a whole bunch of stuff that couldn’t be loaded from nuget. I had a little look (wasn’t scientific about it) in the repository online and the some of the versions didn’t seem to be there. I also think I saw loads of packages in those warnings which didn’t seem to be relevant - but could be wrong.

The Studio approach (2020.6.0-beta.93 CE) worked fine apart from GetAppCredentials.xaml not being there so I downloaded it from Github and all seems well. If this is the way how do you keep its template up to date ?

Which is the best one to use and when does one get an update for it (and from where) in daily life. are there any good ways to avoid the warnings I got i.e. is there some kind of requirements file you can pre-load in the package manager before you open the project or is that meant to be covered in Studio opening the project.

Secondary question is: REF looks fine, any framework is always a benefit, but in the real world (hard core enterprise production) do people use others?