Advanced assignment 2 Gen. Yearly report. Unable to pass argument in selector

Hi all,

As part of advanced course assignment 2, I have followed steps for dispatcher process.
But while passing the arguments in selector for element exists validation, I am facing issue.

I have used same format as given in walk through doc.

same issue in Process.xaml as well for On Element Appear activity.

" char gets replaced with " and selector status goes as invalid as I change the focus from the selector.

Can someone suggest what is the issue.

Hi Buddy @vishnu.dhangare
make sure that you have those arguments been passed with direction IN to this workflows,i.e., the argument with values must be passed to this workflow and activity
kindly have a view on this, how to pass the variable in selector

Cheers @vishnu.dhangare

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Thanks Palaniyappan, I got that working now.

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Cheers @vishnu.dhangare
Keep going

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