Advanced Academy - Calculate Client Security Hash

I’m working on the Advanced Academy training and on the Calculate Client Security Hash practice.
The ‘Client Information Details’ fields on the ‘Work Items’ page have changed.
i.e. the Client ID, Client Name and Client Country fields that are required for the practice have changed to the below. It was correct yesterday when I was working on it.
Can anyone confirm if this is a permanent change or a temporary error?

HI Johnson,

Even i have seen these changes in the System1 ACME, because which i was not able to evaluate the exercise.
I have changed the workflow to read the new data and process data, even though the Workflow is not evaluated in the Academy.

Hi Johnson,

I think it is a temporary Change in the Client Details.
I have just reset the Work item and it is now as per the Exercise requirement.

Try resetting and run the execution.

Thanks Vishwas.
It looks like it was just temporary. The fields have changed back to the correct ones now.