Advance Training - Assignment No 1

Not able to find whats wrong with this workflow. can somebody help please

Hi @psrajmohan,

In Dictionary key value not found. please check the Key name already added in the dictionary.


i have attached my workflow. could you please check what is wrong

Hi @psrajmohan,
In the “GetTransactionData.xml” , Change the assignment variable “out_TransactionItem” to “in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)”.


Thanks @balupad14

But this time i am getting a diff error. why am i not getting any transaction item during run?

UiPath_REFrameWork execution started
Killing processes…
Opening applications…
Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 0. Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Source: Assign
Process finished due to no more transaction data
Closing applications…

Can any one of you kind enough to check my code and revert me please…