Advance training assignment 2 failed and I don't know the reason for failure

Can anyone help me on this?

Advance training assignment 2 failed and I don’t know the reason for failure… is my ID


Have you mark all the WI4 items as completed? if yes is the upload ID correct please verify

Yes I did and didn’t find any problem.

here is the sample comment added. Uploaded with ID 92265f2a4f023a981a453c91770a5fe4

you have uploaded video or zip file? Do one thing reset test data. Remove items from Queue, run dispatcher and then run Performer. See if this works

I’ve uploaded the zip file.
How to run dispatcher and then run Performer?

Yearly-Report-2017-RO254678.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Here is the sample output file i’ve uploaded do you see any problem in this?

These are two different workflows. First one is Dispatcher which feeds the data in Orchestrator Queue then second workflow is Performer which takes the data from Queue and completes the upload operations. Saw that file I think resetting the data and running the program again would work

Cool… Got it… other than this do you see another problem in the output file data, comment, report name?

They seem okay

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Still it’s failed. Any idea why its failing?

Hard to say anything without looking at it. Please give screenshot of output pane. Also log messages in the start and end of a workflow this will help us find out the error. I hope you have used RE framework for both Dispatcher and Performer