Advance data scrapping for google shopping

I’m scrapping data from google shopping and i want to click on link which says there are more than one seller.

The search results should be hvaing some html structure.
You may try to scrap the correlated data from the search result.
I am not sure, but Whenever there is no more than one seller, it should scrap the blanks or null text.

No my question is If that product has more than 1 store then , Bot should click on "compare prices from 2 stores " and scarp data.

Hi @apurvalost

I think you can use the below approach…

  1. Use the data scraping wizard to scrape the data from the web page. You can get all the information to a data table as you may already know. Make sure to include a field for “Compare prices from 2 stores” and also its link using the data scraping wizard.
  2. In case you want to check only the records that has “compare prices from 2 sellers” use a filter data table activity to filter the records only to have the records that has that option. Else, use a for each row to activity to loop through the data table and check whether that option is available using a IF condition. if available, you can use a click activity to click on it and navigate to the page.
  3. Then use the next set of data scraping to compare the prices of the two sellers…

Yahh This approach with URL is best for this thanks i’ll let you if that works.

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