Advance certification Question

HI . I am doing ui path advance certification. i am stuck in one step. my navigate to activity is not working whenever i navigate to page with respect to WIID to check client detail it doesn’t work . pls help me out.

in message box it successfully show WIID with open status and WID5 category but doesnot navigate to client detail page.

HI @ghazanfar,

Firstly, try to use Attach browser outside nav
Sencondly, remove [k(enter)]


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Thanks Chinh_Le its working now…

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


i am concatenating 3 strings value into 1 string value .but haven’t success-ed to get desired value…
my out put should be like this

PW19167-Lavinia Froehlich-Romania

but my output is like this in attached screenshot.

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Hi @ghazanfar,

In my opinion, should use screen scraping relative

Hi @ghazanfar,

i dont know how you are extracting the value, but while seeing screenshot use the below code.

For Example youstrvalue is your string.

string youstrvalue= System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(youstrvalue, @"\t|\n|\r", "")

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

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HI UI path developers, i have one question regarding ui path. i have done all ui path certifications including advance and also i developed 3 real time projects with ui path community edition. My question is when i run my project sometimes it stuck on first step which was working fine previously but sometimes i feel angry because my UI Path code work fine but next day when i run my code again it stucks on first step. Can u please tell me the solution for this and also the reason behind this why it stucks on first step.

You need to figure out the reason for the process getting stuck.
Is this issue repeating? or always a new issue ?

Give more details on it and lets figure it out.
Generally it would be the way you have created your process sometimes need to be made more stable.