Advance assignment reset test data issue


Hello All,

I am in Advance assignment where I could reset the test data and validate the bot I created .
But , Test data isnt resetting in the below link. No progress I could see in the progress bar for 30 Min.

I tried to reset multiple times and the behavior is same.
Any help , much appreciated.



@Roxana_Stratila could you look into this please as we had the same problems during a recent course. Think they got it working in the end but just needed to restart their machines.



Thanks for the help . The data is reset and I completed my 1st assignment .

While verifying 2nd assignment , when clicking on download button getting ‘No report found for this vendor / month / year that you have specified.’ error for both 2018 and 2017 year.

Your help much appreciated.



@Rajna,You need to download reports for 2017.Use Chrome and check if you face the same error.If you are using Internet explorer,try to reset test data once again and check.



Hi, I am trying to restart testing data hovewer progress bar is frozen for already 2 hours. I was performing several attempts using Internet Explorer and Chrome. Could you please advise who should I reach out as I am blocked with further UIpath Training. Thanks


I have also seen the Reset Test Data not doing anything. The “Reset” button will be disabled, but the progress bar will not advance beyond 0%. What I do is turn on the webconsole of the browser (see screenshot) before clicking the “Reset” button. That will give you an interactive view of the 5 steps involved in the reset process. If the console hangs on step 1 or 3 for too long, I just reload the page and hit the “Reset” button again.


It seems that now is the website kind of broken again. It is stuck at Calling part 2_1. It takes couple of reboots and almost an hour to make it work again. Would be nice if you guys can have a look at ti, because it´s really frustrating when you are about to get you academy done.


Just relogin into it.It is due to session expiry problem i think. i too faced this and when i relogin in to it, everything is fine.