Adv Training in Enhanced REFramework


Has anyone successfully completed any of the advanced training assignments in the Enhanced** REFramework? There are many differences between the enhanced framework I’m using and the PDF walk through/instructions provided with the assignment. For example, there isn’t a GetTransactionData within the Framework folder ( I ended up using GetSetTransactionData in the ProcessLayer folder, but I don’t know if this is right. . .), and there are many more sequences present in my framework than in the walk through, so many of the screen shots in the PDF don’t make sense.

I have followed the PDF step by step, and the workflow has no errors, but it keeps faulting whenever it goes to access SHA1-Online (and it isn’t because the site is down, it won’t even open IE).

I’m thinking of just re-doing the assignment in the older REFramework because fixing the enhanced one has just wasted a lot of time, especially since this is my first interaction with the very nested state machine set-up.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to translate the older training PDFs to the Enhanced REFramework or any links.

Thank you

If I remember correctly the assignment in the Adv training, using the classic REFramework will probably work better.
I just investigated the Enhanced REFramework over the last 2 weeks and I came up with some kind of training video on it, explaining also some differences between the standard and the enhanced REFrameworks - hope this helps if you want to understand the Enhanced REF better: