ADS: Accident Detecting & Reporting System

ADS: Accident Detecting & Reporting System

Use Case Description

Initiative & Impact:

Our project is a response to the alarming statistics presented by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India, revealing an annual average of 4 lakh accidents, resulting in 1.5 lakh fatalities. One significant challenge highlighted by these numbers is the delayed reporting of certain accidents, particularly in scenarios where there are no witnesses on the scene.

In light of this, our initiative strives to address this critical gap in accident detection and reporting.

The Accident Detecting System is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of detecting and reporting accidents. By leveraging CCTV footage, map location data, and automated communication channels, the system ensures a prompt and accurate response to emergency situations.

Key Features:

CCTV Footage Analysis:
Utilizes CCTV footage to detect and analyze accidents in real time.
Employs computer vision and image processing algorithms, using AI model for efficient accident detection.

Location Mapping:
Integrates with the database of the CCTV and retrieves the precise location of the accident that can provide the geographic coordinates for accurate reporting to ensure precise action.

Automated Reporting:
Generates detailed accident reports, including relevant data such as date, time, location etc that can aid the investigation.

Automated calls:
Triggers an automated call to ensure real-time alerts to the local police station.

Fax Notification:
Integrates with fax services to send detailed accident reports with the image captured directly to the designated police station.
Provides map coordinates for quick response and dispatch of emergency services.


  1. Swift Response: Enables law enforcement to respond quickly to accidents, minimizing response time.
  2. Accuracy and Precision:Utilizes advanced technologies for accurate accident detection and location mapping.
  3. Efficient Documentation: Generates detailed reports automatically, reducing the burden on law enforcement officers.
  4. Improved Communication: Establishes seamless communication channels for immediate and reliable reporting.
  5. Enhanced Accountability: Facilitates a transparent and accountable accident reporting process.


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