Adobe ppop up webpages

Anybody know’s how to handle the pop up from adobe on web page to save the documents.
Pop up dissapear to quick to find trough image search on a web page

Did you try the ‘Control s’ using Hotkey

Yes, but non hotkey is working.
It is a pdf inside a webpage.If i use ctrl+s, then he saves the webpage in html, instead of the pdf

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Am able to understand your situation, But if possible share the link, will check and tell you soon, Because I didn’t faced that like issue.
Hoove over the pdf, then the save button will be reveild

Pls Tell Me, Are you able to manually Save the pdf in the popup with giving the Key Control S?

No, I wait till the pop up apears (time limit of one second ) and with image find i click on the discette from the pop up.
Ctrl+s saves the whole page in html.
I only need the inside pdf

Then Use an find element and on element appear, In my chrome browser the pdf popup will appear in a new tab so I can able to use control saves the pdf.

If you difficult to capture the icon, use record sequences.

i try, but we work only with IE or edge not chrome ( not allowed ).
there it doesn’t work