Adobe PDF file not in focus

Hello. I have a simple UI automation with Citrix relative scraping against a PDF file opened in Adobe. The automation works fine as long as the PDF has focus. If the PDF is minimized and does not have focus, the automation cannot find it, and therefore times out. How do you set focus on the PDF in order for the robot to recognize it? I don’t have this issue with other apps like Wordpad, Excel, etc., so while they’re out of focus the robot is smart enough to activate the window before interacting with it. This is not the case with the Adobe PDF.

I hope this makes sense?

Thank you!

Are you running everything in Citrix? Otherwhise you could try the ‘activate’ activity to bring Adobe to the foreground

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Thanks MatthiasVG. For this exercise, I’m running Adobe on my desktop but automating using relative scraping, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not automating against a vm. Anyways, your suggestion worked. I dropped an ‘Activate’ control inside the Native Citrix block, and before the first ‘Attach Window’ which attaches to the PDF. It now activates Adobe and brings the PDF in focus, then runs the automation. Thanks for the help!!

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