Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is crashing on Indicating/Clicking/GetText on Tags Panel using UIPath

Whenever I try to Indicate a GetFullText/GetText/Click Activity inside this Tags panel the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC crashes on Windows 10 and works fine with Windows 7 with same Versions of UIPath and Acrobat.

Condition Occurring Crash — The Tags are to be more than a single page in tags panel( scroll on tags panel).

Here, I’m trying to read the Tags in order to perform some specific actions for particular tag.

It works fine with PDF’s containing lesser tags.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Continuous Release | Version 2020.006.20042

UIPath Studio 2020.3.0-beta.84

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.Net Framework Version 4.7.2

I’ve run into this many times. I think that it’s due to the amount of pages you have in the pdf. When it starts looking for the selector, it has to cache all that the data for the whole thing. A workaround I found was useful was to separate the pdf and then combine after the bot. Hope that helps a little. Wish I could give you a little more information.

Happy Automating!

You fellow BotMonkey

We can’t split and merge PDFs as it is not useful and moreover it will create issues for us in what we are want to achieve.

Is there any other activity which can be used alternatively for GetText and doesn’t cache the whole data.

Thank you for your reply, it’s quite useful and informative.