Adobe Acrobat freezes and UiPath seems to pause with no errors

Hello all!

This is a strange one and I’m hoping someone here can provide some guidance.

This is my first time trying to automate Adobe Acrobat DC and it does not play nicely with UiPath in general.

The current dilemma is that occasionally Acrobat DC will crash in the middle of the workflow and pop up its internal “Adobe has crashed please send error report” dialog box. The strange thing is that when this occurs, UiPath seems to just pause itself.

I put the whole sequence where this tends to occur inside of a TryCatch block and have logging between every step so I can see exactly where it breaks. However, UiPath never throws an error or exception, and the next step never times out. It just sits there as if it were waiting for input or as if you’d paused debug mode.

Has anyone come across this before? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Maybe you can try to put a “Parallel” sequence with on the left your sequence, and on the right an Element Exists or “On Element Appear” with the error message ? So when it appears, you just refresh your application?
I already had this issue with a bot, but it was not using Adobe. We never understood where the error comes from, but in the Event Logs there was an alert with the “UiPath.Executor”.

Good luck!