Admin login to orchestrator production lost all permissions over night

Hi all,

This morning, I logged in with my admin account on one of my tenants and I got this message. None of the admin accounts have any permissions and I have absolutely no clue what to do :worried:

Have any of you experienced this before?

Hi @frederik.lilja ,

Go to Manage Access tab and check permission. If anything disabled try to make it active.

Hi Manjula,
Is it here? Looks like everything is enabled

Check what role is assigned

Where can i check what role is assigned? I am logged into the host tenant ? :-/

When you are in tenant you should able to see “Manage Access” . Find the screen shot

I am not using Uipath cloud. I am hosting my orchestrator in Azure app service :-/

Oh sorry! i don’t have hands on this

Thank you for trying anyway <3

Hi @frederik.lilja
I have the same problem now, have you solved this problem?