Adjusting column width in Orchestrator

Dear All, is there a way to adjust the column size (especially needed in the Asset view) in Orchestrator?

I have to click on edit to see that extra few letters in the value column.

In other views it is also the case. But in Assets, where the Name, Type, Value columns are fixed and the same size, I wish to adjust them. Value has the most information while Type is pretty short.

my version is: 2016.2.6393

thank you all!

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There is a way to adjust the column size here:

If this is not available in your version, then I suggest upgrading.
v2016 is pretty old :grin:




Hi there thanks for the quick response. Here you see my screenshot. I can sort, but nothing more. Yes, you are right absolutely about the age of the version. However I think it is ideally upgraded with new licensing period. Our solution is not even a year old. :astonished:


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If possible, you should get upgraded to 2018.4 asap. 2016 is 2+ years old and has so many issues, that it probably gives you more headaches than what is needed.

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asap at what cost? I know the cost our headache, but it is not for free is it? :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I don’t know your licensing situation. But, the Community Edition is free if you are using this for personal or non-profit use. The Enterprise Edition would be used for business use, but there is a free Trial that can be used.

For other questions related to costs or upgrading, I would suggest submitting a ticket to technical support:

Cause, I don’t want to give you any wrong information.


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