Adjust the value of a cell in each row in a table (web application)


I’m trying to automate our accounting system Business Central and I’m getting desperate with the web application.

Specifically, I want to overwrite the date in a table in each displayed row with the value 12/31/2022. Unfortunately I can’t do this elsewhere but have to do it in this interface in this table. In the desktop application I had a working selector but unfortunately I can not adjust it to the web interface, I hope you can help me.

the following code is included in the Selector for the desktop version and works with the Classic type Into activity:

‘Zeilennummer’ is a variable I determine beforehand.
‘Leistungsdatum’ is the column header.

Here is the table, I use Chrome and it is the web client of MS Business Central :

Hier mein Code:
I first pull the table with Extract Table and from that I get the variable ‘Zeilennummer’:

then I go through the Extract table row by row and want to select the appropriate row based on the row number in Business Central and adjust the date

I hope you could help me.

Can you share where are you running into issues? Specially, what was the result or error that you got ?


directly I have no error. I can’t manage that it changes the date in every row. Currently it can only change the date in the first row and does that as often as I have row numbers in my Extract Table.

Kind regards

Hi @hendrik.berger ,

Does the above statement mean the same row Date value is being modified/entered again instead of moving to the next rows ?

If so, Could you also share the Selector used ? Screenshot? If possible provide it when viewed in UiExplorer.


yes, as an example, there are 5 rows displayed in BC and I extract these into the data table ExtractTable. with a for each row in DataTable loop, the field in column “Leistungsdatum” should now be overwritten with the date 31.12.2020 in each row. Unfortunately, the bot writes the date 5 times in the first row and does not manage the jump to the next row.

I have attached the .xaml of the desktop and web version.

Process_Web.xaml (308 KB)
Process_Desktop.xaml (278.8 KB)