Adjust selector to detect input data

first read the input excel - “read range”
then I get the data to use - “for each row” - “get row item”

up to that part and correctly automated

then, according to the data I need “underlined in red”, it has to be selected in this “select item”
where you can see that these data exist with their codes

and there you can see your selectors, the “css selector” included it just in case

my goal is that in the “for each row” - “get row item” detect each element and select the corresponding element in the “select item”

that somehow detect the crop and identify it in the selector

but I have no idea how to do it
I hope you can help me

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After you select one of the available items in the drop down using “select item”,
when you go to the target properties - and click “Open in UI Explorer” -
go through each attributes to find the attribute pertaining to the option you have chosen under “select item” and ‘check it’.
Once checked and saved, go back to the edit selector window
use “*” to take out values not needed and include the value fetched from the excel sheet -
For example
or something similar to that.
Hope this helps.

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**For Example
<html app='chrome.exe' title='SUNAT-Menu SOL'/><Webctrl id ='iframeApplication' tag='IFRAME' /><Webctrl id ='selectionAttr' tag = *CACAO ORGANICO/>

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this is what you told me about iu explorer, I managed to locate it
now as appropriate
I’ve been trying as you say, but I don’t get it

Sorry for the confusion.

If you just needed to use the value grabbed from excel(“strVariableName”) directly on to the select item activity-

Type into the select box(red circled) like "*"+strVariableName+"*"

you could use “*” depending on how your data is structured inside the drop down.