AddTransactionItem - StartTransactionParameters is Null! Error: 0

When I am trying to load a string using “addtransactionitem activity” with ‘[’ in it(without ‘]’ ), I am getting the “StartTransactionParameters is Null! Error: 0”. However if the string is in a proper structure (both ‘[’ ‘]’ in it) then the above exception is not occurring.

Is this a restriction of Uipath/expected behaviour?

From UIPath docs -

  • TransactionInformation - A collection of additional information about the specific TransactionItem that is to be added. The information is stored in the item and is used during a transaction processing.The value of string arguments cannot contain the following characters: [ and " " . Argument names cannot contain the following characters: : , . , , , @ , " .

Karthik Byggari


Thanks @KarthikByggari

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