Additional training related to using re framework?

Hi Everyone. I recently completed the certification for UIPath, but I feel like I really don’t have a good grasp on using the re framework template. What I am hoping to find is something that really dives into each stage and gives an explanation of exactly what is happening. Free training is always appreciated but I would be willing to pay for a course if it was beneficial. I felt like the section of the training in the Academy just glossed over this.

#ktwil5109 I suggest you to go through the ‘’ cope automation’’ YouTube page it will give good idea about reframework with good explanation

Hi @ktwil5109

I found the best way to learn how it works is to simply follow the entire process from the green START arrow all the way to the end. It is really just one big sequence of actions, irregardless to how intimidating it looks at first.

You can check out this example ReFramework that works without Orchestrator. It simply takes transactions from an Excel file :slight_smile:

You can then use the Step Into debugging feature of Studio to literally go step by step to see what is happening :slight_smile: I am not saying it is a quick and easy way, but it will give you the best possible overview of what is happening.

Lastly, if you don’t know what a specific step does, simply search for more info either in our documentation or here on the Forum. This way you will not only learn the ReFramework itself, but also several useful activities on the way.

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Did you get a chance to get the Power Point slides that person did on his youtube channel. It’s not available anymore FYI…