Additional Sort Options for Triggers

It would be really handy to be able to sort the Orchestrator triggers by next run time.

You can achieve this through UiPath database by using select query with group by.
If you have configured UiPath database as well.

Hi @ghazanfar,

Thank you - do you have any more info on the UiPath Database and how I can access this?

Are you working on community edition or Enterprise edition.

Because When you work on Enterprise edition like on license studio we also install orchestrator DataBase which is sync to orchestrator which contain details about process,jobs, schedules, Robot,Machines, environment everything which is on your orchestrator.

There you can query data with group by this will give you records in sort way.

It is enterprise edition. Where would the installation be for this? and how would I query this data? I worry that I will not have permission from my company to access this, our live RPA environment is on a server which our governance rules state I am not allowed access to :slightly_frowning_face:

Apologies for the late reply.

on the server where your studio is installed there would be SQL Management server. There you can find the orchestrator database. You should contact your infrastructure team to get the connection string and credentials for accessing your orchestrator DB if they have installed it on your server.
Ideally we are maintaining separate databases for DEV, UAT and prod environment.

You can find further details regarding setting up DB for orchestrator in the below link.

let me know if you have further queries.

Fingers crossed I will be able to gain access. Thank you so much for your time & help ghazanfar, much appreciated :smile:

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No Problem :slight_smile: