Additional Approvers for Idea Flow

Is there any way to add additional approvers based on selected applications to an Idea Flow within Automation Hub? See Ui Path Documentation.

Currently there’s the application catalogue where users and admins can add applications. But the selected applications do not have any impact on the Idea Flow.

We’d like to see a feature where the admin has an option to define applications in the catalogue, for which there’s an additional approver added to the flow. As an example: one of the Admins defines a legacy application to have an “owner” (e.g Mrs Legacy). Now every time an user adds this legacy software to their automation idea (or it’s added in the detailed assessment), Mrs Legacy will have to give approval as well for the idea to move forward.

This would be bring the benefit of being up-to-date about major changes to software. Within a large IT-Organization the RPA people might not be aware about upcoming software changes. But including respective software owners would allow them to add comments and give a heads-up before staring development.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!
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Thank you for the feedback. We do not support this scenario as it is described today.

The selection of the applications used in a process/task is done in the Detailed Assessment. If you want to involve additional Software SMEs, it might be a good idea to create some custom questions in the Detailed Assessment, where you could highlight which software solutions would require an additional approval from the SME on that software, and based on that answers, to manually add the SME as a collaborator / ask them to add a comment with their findings.

I understand that there are cases when additional insights might impact the decision on how to proceed with an implementation. However, the idea of managing an App Inventory, assigning Software Owners to certain applications and enforcing an additional approval for cases when an application is used is not a scenario suitable for all of the Automation Hub customers. We are exploring in the future how can we support customizable workflows.

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