Additional Activities to work with Element Exists Activity

I have a problem where I’m trying to get at text in the Browser window that is not visible in the viewport. The element always exists and it is always available on the page but not visible unless we scroll down on the page.

I used the Element Exists activity that returns true because it was able to confirm the element I want exists even though it isn’t visible in the viewport. But this does little to help me because when I used the Find Element activity it fails because the section of the page is not visible on the screen.

I can’t use Find Children because the information I need may be 20 DIVs below (this changes with each case) and once I find it, the text that needs to be extracted is 3 levels deep inside of that DIV. Each case may be 100s of DIVs long and therefore is not efficient.

Is there any other activity I can use to find the element that is not visible in viewport but is available on the page? Or does the Find Element have an attribute that I have to change to make it work in such a situation.



We can use Element Exists activity to check if the element exists, and Find Element activity with WaitVisible option to check if the element is visible.
Can you try the following whether it works in your workflow ?


I did enable that option . But the result was no different.

I always believed that was how we get elements not visible on the viewport.

I will give it another try tomorrow and see if I missed anything.


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