Addition of Mobile Feature For Noification Purpose about the choosen job status

The Basic requirement of the idea is that to make the customer feel better to handle the Uipath bots only through messages.The easiest way to handle the bot’s by the customers with zero knowledge of uipath orchestrator and Uipath bots.

Idea:Alert notification of jobs based on choosen status. UIPath Orchestrator should provide an option to the customer to provide their mobile number and status like “successful”,“failure” etc. Based on the choosen status Uipath should send the details of the jobs to their mobile number. Please refer,the below link-

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Hi @Singoji_Durga

Interesting idea. I have a good news - you can now set up push notifications for some events, including failed jobs :slight_smile:
See our update post here:

One important note though

This feature is available only for an Orchestrator’s on-premises account enabled with webhooks. To understand more about the working details of this feature, please refer to this article.

Hi @loginerror

Yes, I have gone through the post.I am very happy that UIPath is going on increasing its feature for user flexiblity on daily basis.But my idea resembles something about the Mobile SMS which is not linked to the Uipath orchestrator application.Can you please go through the UIpath GO! Link mentioned in the above post.

Thanks for updating me about the new feature added in the orcehstrator mobile App.

For now, our team decided that:

  • it can be resolved by custom components
  • the mobile app solution is superior