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I have a String variable as Counter wanted to add +1 to it. Since its a string variable i mentioned as

  1. Integer.Parse(Counter).ToString
  2. Counter+1 - Getting error
    Kindly confirm the above steps are right.

u can use convert.toint32(string)

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Error - Cannot assign System.Int32 to System.String

can you share the work flow or a screenshot

Its a secured network cant get the screenshot from there.
Can you tell in steps - how to increment a string variable.
I will change accordingly

may i knw what value does counter holds

That counter holds the value 5 and i am trying to increment to 6.

check whether the value 5 is really a decimal one. This can be done by using if activit, In condition box give IsNumeric(variable). If it is Numeric then using Assign Activity u can increment.
Can you tel me from where you have extracted value 5 from like from a web page or an pdf or any citrix application

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Use Cint(Counter)+1
Here Counter is String and it must hold numeric values other wise it will throw error
Like Counter=“5”
Then it will work

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Thanks its working fine as expected.

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