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Hello everyone,

I have a datatable comprising of 7 columns. In the bot, I have 2 different workflows.

One workflow will generate the data for the first 4 columns and the second workflow generates the data for the for the final 3 columns.

How do I have the 2 workflows generate their data on the same row?

Hi @BotAM97

In your first workflow, use add data row activity so that rows along with the values for first 4 columns would get added to datatable.

Psss the datatable as an argument to your second workflow. Use for each row activity to iterate thru each row and set values for ur remaining columns using assign activity.

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Generate the Rows using First flow 4 columns, so that you have the data in datatable

For second flow use ForEach Row activity to loop into datatable

You have to assign the values like as below
Datatable.Rows(IndexVariable).Item(“ColumnName”).ToString = Your Value

For more reference for the above expression, check below

Hope this helps you


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Hi @BotAM97

Check this workflow
Main.xaml (12.1 KB) 1.xaml (4.4 KB)
2.xaml (4.4 KB)
1 and 2 are invoked in main

I had done a similar kind of scenario relating ur query

Hope it helps you


Nived N

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