Adding the enhancements into the project

Hello, Im trying to make some enhancements into the already designed code ,
i need to add some conditions , i tried adding them but could not run the file, kindly help :frowning_face: its an emergency.

Hey @Nissy_Ruth_Prabhu

Kindly explain more on what is the automation all about & what changes you want to make (if possible with some screenshots) which will help us suggest better solutions…


Hello @Nissy_Ruth_Prabhu

Welcome to UiPath community…!

If you have made some changes and need to make it to work, suggesting first debug the workflow, enable the Highlight element as well.

Check how the flow is happening and whats the error that you are getting. Based on that you can make the necessary changes .

If still confused to progress, it would be better if you can share the screenshot of the workflow and the changes you made with the actual requirement.

HEllo @Rahul_Unnikrishnan could u hep me with this error , im getting when trying to publish the proccess to the orchestrator.
Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. Forbidden

Hi @Nissy_Ruth_Prabhu

Please make sure the UiPath Assistant (Robot ) is connected to the Orchestrator.


HI @suraj.setty i have connected my Assistant to orchestartor