Adding strings with apostrophes to Orchestrator queue item?

We are running UiPath 2017.1.6435 and have found a problem when adding certain strings to our Orchestrator queue. Specifically, we are receiving the error:
“Add queue item : Some values used for input might be in an incorrect format. Please note that not all properties are compatible with older Orchestrator versions” when we are trying to write strings that contain apostrophes, such as “Driver’s license”. Is there a way to write these strings - such as using an escape character, etc. - or do we have to remove the apostrophe altogether?

Can you try like this: “Driver\’s license”

That doesn’t work either, nor the other standard escape characters. I did find this information that states it was fixed in SP1, which we aren’t using. Seems we will have to sanitize the input at least until we upgrade to a newer version.

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