Adding Static Entry For Hosts That Are Not Resolving By DNS On Orchestrator Server Or Externally

Adding static entry for hosts that are not resolving by DNS on Orchestrator server or externally.

When the Orchestrator application cannot resolve an IP via DNS, add a static entry to the host file to allow the application to resolve an IP for that hostname.

The recommended approach is to resolve the DNS issue to not have to maintain the hosts entries when IP ranges change.

  1. Go to Start > run Notepad.
  2. Right click on the Notepad icon and select Run as a administrator.
  3. Select Open from the File menu option.
  4. Select All Files (*.*) from the file type drop-down.
  5. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  6. Open the hosts file.
  7. Add the host name and IP address to the bottom of the host file. The comments in this file show how to format this entry.
    For example: hostname (Most common syntax), or fqdn hostname
    (Commonly used, when is required to access and external site fqdn, that is different to the internal site, and where DNS is is not available).
  8. Save the host file.

Most of the time the issue is caused by an invalid certificate or DNS configuration. Check the certificate for the correct SAN and then try to ping it from the exterior. If you get no response it means the DNS isn't configured to serve an IP for the site.