Adding row to another new Datable to add a column

Have a Datatable dt1, and a datatable dt2.

dt1 and dt2 has same column names, except dt2 has an additional column name “Column1”
dt1 has rows of values, dt2 is clean datatable with no rows.

how do i add a row from dt1 to dt2, so that i can add value for that row for “Column1” too?


use for each row in datatable for Dt1

inside use adddatarow activity

pass value as currentrow.itemarray.Concat({“newItem”}).ToArray

in the add datarow mention datatable as DT2

newitem is the value you are passing


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Hi @TyraS ,
You can use activity
for each row in dt1
compare and paste to dt2
for detail, can you share sample input and expect output

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