Adding of multiple entries in the dropdown list


Please help. I need to make a robot that will automatically add multiple entries in “Check has subscription” field. I tried to make one but I encountered a problem. Instead of adding the second entry on the second dropdown list, the bot adds it again on the first dropdown. Here’s my code:

Arguments : ADD_RPA ;; TESTRPA1



hi there @Juliene

Seems like a select item selector problem. Why dont you look at your selectors using UiExplorer (visual tree, css tree etc…) and also try different UiFrameworks that might generate more attributes for your convenience if both the fields have generic selectors and you don’t have anything to differentiate them from the previous field.

if issues still persist get back to me, we can take a look at both the selectors and find something generic and unique in both.

Regards :slight_smile: