Adding new data row at the beginning of the table


befor Write CSV file I would like to add title (heading) of my table (in cell A1) - table should start from A2 against A1).
How I could do this?

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You can select Add Header Option in the Write CSV activity it will leave 1st Row


Use Merge cell activity and in properties panel in cell Text field give the heading you want to add,and in merge range give the range of cells.

This activity is present in BalReva.Excel.activities, download it.

A Manohar

But I don’t want to leave 1st Row - I would like to add new 1st row as a title of the table.

1.Create your Datatable ex:dt_sample using Build datatable activity
2.use add data row activity and create a data row what ever you want to add as first row
3.Write dt_Sample in to your CSV without selecting header
4.Use Append CSV

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