Adding new controls based on user Input

Hello Forum! Here Luis Fernando Pazos

I´m working a lot lately with UiPath Apps tool and now as it usually happens… reach a point where I´m stuck. Let me explain you guys my inquiry.

Context: Im working on app who can manage sales orders of a clothing business. When a new sale order has to be managed the user goes to the “Sale Order” app page, where the user has to give input of all the related information, like Cliente, Items, and Payment. When the adding items is necessary, I would like to have a button that when clicked it adds a new contariner where the user can choose the item of the sale order and once selected the info gets sumarize in a more friendly manner.

Challenge: The goal is to be able to configure the app so the user can add as many Items he likes which translated to adding new inputs and containers based on a click.

Check out these images to be able to have a better understanding.

Thank you very much for you attention and I´ll be waiting for feedback.

Luis Fernando Pazos

@Luis_Fernando ,

Why do u need multiple container? Can’t you handle into pop up page ?

Like when user say add new item then open pop up and into a single container handle it and save the data into backend and return back to main page.

Hello @Arvind_Kumar1
Yeah, I suggested adding the container because it rather be my preferable solution, yet I also thought of the solution you just asked but still I don´t see how after selecting the item in the pop up page how I can display the information in the manner I displayed in the ilustration.

On the other hand I come up with the idea that maybe i can handle the Items of the sale order in a new Entity on Data Service, in that way every time I add a new Item it would be uploaded as a new record in the entity and it would be displayed instantly.

@Luis_Fernando ,

Yes , apps do not support any memory or browser catch to store data do you will have to save into data service on every add and then once close popup then u can see added record into parent page.


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