Adding members to the Dist List from CSV

I have Dist list to which I need to add around 500 members. I have CSV with name of the users and due to tools restriction I can add only 15 members at a time. How to create a bot so that it will pick only 15 users at a time and add it to the list. It should work in following way

Open tool and add user 1 to 15 but each at a time and click on Save.
Again open tool and add user 16 to 30 each at a time and click Save and so on…

Read in the whole list of 500 from the csv,
Assign SkipCount = 0

In a do while (Condition SkipCount < List.Count)

Get 15 items from the list - List.Skip(SkipCount).Take(15).ToList
In a For Each - Open tool and Add user using that list item
Click Save

Assign SkipCounter = SkipCounter + 15

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Unable to understand. Can you create a sample and upload here.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance

Attached is sample code. Hope it helps :smiley:

Get List Items in blocks.xaml (18.3 KB)

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Thank you so much :):grinning:

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