Adding Job number and Dependency for the jobs in Orchestrator



What is the use case

We have around 500 bots running on our orchestrator and each process job running at a frequency ranges from 5 mins to 1 hr. Orchestrator provides information only about which process and Bot # that has processed the transaction in the queue. In case of failure, it is very difficult for the developers to track the job for investigation.

In any batch processing model, there will be a unique identifier called job# which should be assigned and that job# will be tracked down to the transaction to log analysis. Also in business transaction world, there are needs to have a dependency on jobs, as some of the processes need input which is a output from another job.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

Adding a job dependency feature will help build better business transaction model jobs to be built on back-office automation. and Job # or Unique number of the jobs will help developers on easily track the job which updated the transaction which is currently a time-consuming effort, especially when the tenant has more number of same jobs running on the tenant

Scope: ______________

  • Application Connector
  • Dashboard


Cant belive that has 0 votes.
Before implementing new issues an old should be fixed. That is one of them.
Id love to see that along with:

  • DATETIME display NOT IN ago format (ago display must have be invented by someone who never supported anything)
  • constant filtering for jobs with use of FROM datetime TO datetime or at least a goto page(with page number manually inserted)
  • Log entries got same timestamp and are not display chronogically!! Each entry has its timestamp it is just rounded up from unknown reason…
  • All columns should be resizable or please make TIME column wider. Only date and hour is seen and full time only while hoovering. That is so annoying that i dont find censural words to describe that.


You have to use Kibana for that . Orchestrator doesn’t give enough insight on failure.