Adding External Applications from Admin Host Tenant

I am attempting to get to screen to manage external applications as shown in this documentation

I swear I have seen the tile for “External Applications” in Orchestrator before but now I cannot find it. I have tried logging into the Default and Host tenants using regular credentials and admin credentials…however I still cannot find the spot to manage external applications.

Please help with any suggestions


Ideally it should be present on the host/identify tenant…and you shpuld login with admin creds…try checking the manage access page…and a screenshot or aomething can help


You should be able to see it in the management portal. Append /identity/management to your Orchestrator URL and you should get there.

Otherwise, in Orchestrator you can go to Tenant → Manage Access → Manage Accounts and Groups blue colour link above the list of users and it’ll bring you to the management portal.


Thank you for the responses. This is what the host portal looks like when I sign in with admin credentials. This is where I believe I previously saw the “External Applications” tile but I not longer see it.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Shot in the dark here, but you’ve checked under each of the tiles and external applications doesn’t show up anywhere?

What if you try to switch off the new admin experience, any luck there?

For the Host you cannot add external applications. Only for other custom tenants.

Yeah I looked through everything unfortunately

I see. However I know I have seen that tile before and I have only ever signed into Host and Default tenants. So it would be in the Default tenant?

I found it. Signed into Default tenant with admin creds and then

Tenant —> Manage Access —> Manage Accounts and Groups —> Default breadcrumb

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