Adding exstra value to QueueItem Argument

Does anyone know if one can add a value to an Argumant of type UiPath.Core.QueueItem later in the process after it was assigned?

For example if i pass a QueueItem as an argument to another workflow and i want to add a value to the QueueItem in the next workflow.



Yes, you can (at least technically) add to SpecificContent - it’s a dictionary of string, object.

myTransaction.SpecificContent("myNewEntry") = "this is a test"
From that point you can access it just as if it was there from the start.

Do note that you need to pass your QueueItem as an In/Out argument for that to work and importantly that these additions will not be reflected back to the Queue itself (so no visibility of it from Orchestrator).

That was a great question though, I can definitely see some good uses for it, thanks!



Yes we are trying to see if we can use this approach instead of passing around multiple arguments and at the same time keeping things together.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Does this approach also update the database with the data that is added to the Transaction Item?

No, (un)fortunately not.

Thanks and sorry, I can’t read!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This functionality would be amazing but think you may be working on this or on an alternative?

UiPath is (I’m not an employee :wink: ) - the Progress and Output fields.
Not exactly the same, but could be used for similar purposes with some serialization in-between.

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Is it possible to set some values for the QueueItem, if it is already declared, but its value is Nothing?

Many thanks.

No, it needs to be initialized first.
Doing any method call on unreferenced object (as in = Nothing / null) will cause a NullReferenceException.

And how can I initialize it? Let’s assume QItem is a UiPath.Core.QueueItem.

QItem = new queueitem()

This gives me the following error:
Cannot create an L-value from the given expression with property ‘set_Item’ because the target object is null.

What are you trying to do dare I ask? Sounds like you may be messing around with new queue items which don’t really exist which sort of goes against a fundamental aspect of UiPath…