Adding Excel Info to email depending on value

I’m building a bot that will screen scrape a table of information including license information for 25+ financial institutions. I’m able to pull the proper info and I have it performing a calculation to see how many licenses they have remaining. I’d like to then take that information and have it translate to an email where it can then say “X Bank is short by X amount of licenses. Y Bank is short by Y amount of licenses.” I’d like to strictly pull in the email information for banks that are over the amount of licenses so we can alert for billing. Any thoughts on pulling this information from the excel file and properly formatting it to an email activity?

  • For Each Row in yourDT.DefaultView.ToTable(institutionColumnName,True)
    ** Filter Data Table with institutionColumnName = CurrentRow(institutionColumnName).ToString - into a new datatable currentInstitutionDT
    ** Calculate licenses based on data in currentInsitutionDT
    ** Send email