Adding E-mail addresses according Responsible Person Name Info

I am trying to add E-mail addresses according Responsible Person Name Info. E-mail adressess coming from excel file which only includes name and emails.
Any idea for solution appreciated

If you are using Outlook activities - you can read the excel into a datatable, then take the email column as an array, and join them all into a string variable, with semicolon as a separator. You can then use that variable as your “to” variable. Not sure if it works with other types of email activities, but you can try.

I am not sure I declare my problem properly because I am not sending any email because of that there is no outlook activities. All I need is read the Column which has names of people and match with another excel file includes email adressess of those people.Write them down in first excel

@EMREUYSAL Is there fix format of email address of each person?

it is not that fixed, there is simple excel just 2 column name, e-mail. I need the match names in different excel in column X write in column Y for each person’s emails

@EMREUYSAL As per your explanation I got a scenario as you have two excel sheets…right?1st excel sheet has the name of persons and 2nd sheet has names with an email address. And you want to match the name of persons and write they’re an email address in the 1st Excel sheet …right?
If it’s like this then read both excel sheet using excel scope application ,
use filter data table activity to match the value of the row of the column name,
If the name got matches then fetch email id and
use write cell or write range activity to write email address in 1st sheet

I hope the will help you