Adding different object types into a Data Row object

Hello ,
I’m currently working on the excel parts of training , and I am attempting to create a table that makes up the sum of values from a recovered datatable under specific conditions , however , I find myself against a wall here:

My goal is to add the name of a society in the first column of my data table , and the sum of it’s debt in the second one , however as I understand , I can only add to a Table’s row by using an array , which will require the two elements to be of the same type. But since I know a Table can (and likely often does) have different object types depending on it’s rows , how can I add two elements of different types to the current row of a data table ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @B_Bastien ,
Are you trying to use the Add Data Row Activity ?

Using this Activity, we should be able to add Different Type values to the ArrayRow Property

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Yes , that is what I’m trying to use , which as I understand requires an array to be used , which itself requires data of the same type , doesn’t it ?
Or could I use variable names attributed to various types instead of the 1’s you used in your example ?

@B_Bastien , You could Try and Let us know if you are getting any Errors when you use Different Types.

ArrayRow basically is asking for Object[] as an Input, and Hence, Object[] can contain items of different types.

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Thank you , it doesn’t give me an issue as of the array type nor the type attribution anymore !

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