Adding data to values in a data table

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I have 2 data tables which contain product and price information of shopping list items from 2 supermarkets. For practice, I’d like to loop through each data table and standardise the formatting of the prices so they are in the £x.xx format. Please can I have some advice on how to do this

Data table 1 (Tesco)

Prices show in the correct format, I just need to add a ‘£’ sign to each value (so 0.40 becomes £0.40 and 1.23 becomes £1.23)

Data table 2 (Morrisons)

This is a bit trickier. Any product that costs over £1 is already in the correct format (e.g £1.25). Products that are under £1 show in pence e.g 40p. How do I loop through the table, check if the price format is in ‘p’ and change it to ‘£’ so 40p would become £0.40. 68p would become £0.68 etc

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Fine you were almost done
–use a for each row loop and hope you have a datatable ready named dt1 and pass that as input
–inside the loop use a assign acitivity like tis
row(“columnname”) = (“£”).ToString+row(“columnname”)
this will concatenate all the values with that notation

then for this

–use same for each row loop and a datatable named dt2 is passed to it
–use a if condition like this
if true then goes to THEN part where we can use a assign activity like this
assign activity like this
row(“columnname”) = (“£0.”).ToString+row(“columnname”).Replace(“p”,“”)

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You’re my hero! Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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no worries
Cheers @jordrowley

Thank you, quick question. Is there an expression you can write in an assign activity to check if a data table has an data in? it’s so I can put it in an if statement before deciding if I need to paste the data from the data table in to an excel file. Ta!

yah of course, put this in if condition
if true it goes to THEN part which means it has data or goes to ELSE

Cheers @jordrowley

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hey @Palaniyappan

Please can I ask if you know how I can fix this error, please

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Out that row(“price”) in the left side of assigns nd remove that datatable name in the left side
Cheers @jordrowley

Thank you, i’m really sorry but now I get this error. Please can you advise. Thank you so much for helping.


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No worries
Remove the
row(“Price”) =

In the right side of assign
Cheers @jordrowley

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