Adding data to specifi column only

Hello Guys!
I have Datable with already filled two columns and third one empty.

I need to add data to only to one column ( third ). I was wondering how to do it with “add data row” functionality. So if would have empty datatable and tried to fill all three columns i would input “ArrayRow” as below:

{variable1, variable2, variable3}

So back to the question, if i have already filled two columns and want to fill only third one without overiding first two, how can i do this?
something like empty space separated with comma?:

Also i have second small question. How can filter excel coulmn by asceding/descening values?

Thank you in advance!

Once the row is already added the third column value can be set afterwards by
YourRowVa(Col3NameOrIndex) = Col3Value
As an alternate (acces via row index)
YourDataTableVar.Rows(YourRowIndex)(YourColNameOrIndex) = Col3Value

Filtering or Sorting. What is needed?

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Using assign activity:

Assign dt.Rows(RowNo).Item(Column Name) = variable3

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This is working as i needed - you guys are helpfull as always!


Filtering or Sorting. What is needed?

Apologies i did not specify correctly - i woul need just sorting in excel.

assumed that you are working on a newer Version 2020+ have a look here:

as it is a StudioX activity ensure that StudioX Acitivities is filtered on:

Hi @Add_Bddd ,

You can write it as {"", “”, variable3}